About Borovets

Located near to Musala – the highest peak at the Balkans, Borovets is one of the most attractive Bulgarian winter resorts. The resort is with very convenient location, because is 10 km away from Samokov, 73 km away from the capital and 125 km away from the city Plovdiv. This location makes the resort easily accessible and preferred by thousands of tourists from Bulgaria and rest of the world during the whole year. Borovets characterizes with wonderful climate, amazing nature and tranquility of the mountain and unique leisure and entertainment which are inherent to the best resorts in Europe.

The story tells that the beginning of Borovets is in 1896 when Prince Ferdinand decided to build summer residence for him and his family. From that moment until now the resorts has been developing and continues to develop more which make it preferred for relax and winter sports. The combination of unique nature with fresh air, and myriad places for fun like restaurants, night bars, disco clubs, luxurious hotels, makes your vacation there varied and complete. We must say that there are wonderful conditions for ski and snowboard. There are several ski slopes, which total length is over 55 km and there are lifts and other assistive facilities. The fact that Borovets hosted two times rounds from the World championship of FIS is also significant and also there are very good conditions of biathlon, ski cross, snowboard and ski jumping.

Average ski slopes cloth in winter is usually around 1.5 meters. Ski slopes are marked by standard and everyday a lot of people take care for them to be at perfect condition. When there is a need additional snow is provide by specially adapted for this snow cannons. The guests have been having the opportunity to ride at the night for the last 10 years thanks to lighting at the night.


map on skiling (red spot is Alpin Hotel)
Legend (key to the map):
  • green tracks — for beginners;
  • red tracks — are of a middle difficulty;black tracks — for professionals.
  • black tracks — for professionals.

Night skating is available in Borovets starting from 2002—2003 winter season. Tracks #2 and #3 next to the Martinovi Baraki lift are illuminated every night from 5 pm to 10 pm. All lifts and artificial-snow machines burn the midnight oil!

Ski facts:

  • total length of the slopes is around 58 km
  • the longest slope is 12 km
  • downhill skiing and riding backcountry trail – very good
  • north-facing slopes
  • ski point with the highest elevation is 2560 meters
  • maximum vertical descent – 1420 meters
  • the altitude is 1350 meters
  • ski-lifts – 9, chair-lifts – 4, gondola lift – 1
  • the longest slopes are Sitnyakovo, Markudzhitsi, Yastrebets and Martinovi baraki.

Rest and entertainment
The resort is characterized with so many places. There are many luxurious restaurants, cafes, bars and night clubs which offer to the tourists a lot of entertainment until the morning. The music is diverse and international tailored to every taste and the traditional restaurants and taverns feature folklore music and dances which are typical Bulgarian lands, customs and culture. The national folklore music and the traditional round dances make Bulgaria famous all over the world and at this area the best traditions have been preserved for the enjoyment of visitors to the resort.

Medical services
The work of medical services and ski patrol is nonstop. This is a big advantage of the resort because like this way there is constant care for the guests of the resort. Also available for tourists are many pharmacies and dentists and in Samokov they can get full medical care in city hospitals.

Summer in Borovets resort and the new bike park on map

Ski zone in Borovets