Spa center

In the SPA center of hotel “Alpin” you can enjoy an enchanting and relaxing experience for your whole body. You can use the wonderful warm Jacuzzi, relaxing massages, steam bath and aromatherapy. The aromatic oils refresh your organism.

Steam bath:
Steam bath is with temperature 40-45 С° and insure 100% humidity in the room. Except that purify your body of bad substances, steam bath has healing effects on the skin and respiratory tract. You will feel full relax with the natural aromas and the steam inhalation.

Maintaining a temperature of 36-37 С° the water jet softly massage your body. You boost circulation and improve heart rate thanks to the warm water as well as it has favorable impact for the nervous system. The Jacuzzi in the SPA center of hotel Alpin has 4+2 seats and a two-tier force of the water flow.

A wide variety of massages and relaxing treatments:

Our professional masseurs will take care for your mood, as they will prepare a program tailored to your individual needs and preferences. The SPA center of the hotel offers different type of massages:

Classic massage – the classic European massage is applied in order to toning or relaxing your body. It helps carry the products of fatigue, strengthens the immune system and improves circulation. It also has positive impact of the nervous system.

Relaxing massage – by treating all the body it affects specific part of the body through the nervous system. This massage has strong analgesic action to different ailments by relaxing properties.

Cellulite massage – this kind of massage helps to smooth your body shapes by manually treating of your body. This type of massage is providing blood supply to the body tissues and blood newcomer helps you to lose fat. Thanks to the quality products which are used during the massage the fat cells are released from their content.

Ayurveda – the origin of this massage is ancient India. Its purpose is to enhance mental activity and restore lost energy as your body is at full relax. By pouring hot oil in the certain part of the forehead, combining with head massage, this massage has wonderful healing properties. It is strongly recommended to mental fatigue, stress, insomnia, fear and tension because this massage strengthens the nervous system and refreshes the body as a whole. While this massage the guests of the hotel can also enjoy the relaxing massage of the palms and soles of the feet which also strengthens the healing effect of the whole procedure.

Healing massage with honey – this massage is well-known since the ancient times. Honeyterapy is recognized through the centuries as an effective method for extraction of toxins and other harmful substances from the body, especially ones contained in the subcutaneous tissues of the human body. Unlike taken with food, where the honey loses some of the beneficial ingredients, with the massage with honey and apply it on the skin of the back retain all nutrients which has good affect of your body. Besides it is rich in water and carbohydrates, honey also that contains minerals, vitamins, enzymes and other antibiotic substances. This is the key of its healing properties and positive impact. In our days this massage is recognized as comprehensive natural method of treatment because of mixing the different methods of healing. The main purpose of this massage is to “extract” the accumulated toxins in your body and by this way to help your body to clean out the poisons accumulated in the months and years. Its advantage is that it affects well to the respiratory and nervous system. The healing massage with honey is recommended to depression, insomnia, anxiety, increased mental workload and nervousness, chronic fatigue, coxarthrosis and other arthritic diseases, lung diseases etc. The healing massage with honey is characterized in the strong restorative effect and for that reasons is appropriate method for recovery from pregnancy etc. Applied at the right way by specialists, this massage will refresh you for months.

It can be concluded that through massage you can achieve a sense of calm and relaxation. The organism is purified from unwanted substances such as toxins, and it affects positively the nervous system. This happens thanks to the active metabolism during the massage procedures. Welcome to the massage SPA center of hotel “Alpin” where you will get the best advice which massage is appropriate for you and the massage procedures provided by our specialist will improve your health and vitality.