The villas in the village are perfect for relaxаtion at fresh air of mountain. They are comfortable as each one-storeyed villa have two separated rooms with four beds. Two-storeyed villas have three rooms with 5 beds and a bathroom on each other floor. You can use TV set, phone, sofa and bathroom with toilet and some of the villas have sauna.

One-storey Villa

One-storeyed villas have two transient rooms. One of the rooms has bedchamber, TV Set, phone, sofa with table, and the other is with two single beds. They have shared bathroom and in some of these villages there is sauna for your convenience.

Two-storey Villa

At the first store every villas has two rooms. There is bedchamber in one of the rooms, and in second there is extendible sofa as a bed and a single bed. Both stores are with shared bathroom and at the first floor there is sauna. Both stores has own entrance and a connecting door between them.

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